Faiszer Musthapha(M.P)

Well Wishes

Sports is a human activity which promotes discipline amongst peoples. Sports are a integral part of the lives of the billions of people living on earth. Football is one of the sports. However when considering the development of football we can see that this is a sport that generates wealth. A one of the top sports in world we can see that this not only are there star players, there are also very wealthy persons who have got rich through this sport.

However, in a developing country like sri lanka, to maintain the sport requires lot of commitment. While football stars receives gifts wroth thousands our footballers cannot even afford a pair of football boots or a decent football kit.

In these circumstances, the good work done by Manchester football school deserves appreciation . We should appreciate the effort taken by manager of the school who is committed to uplift football for no personal gain.

The efforts taken by the coaches to train novice footballers in such a short period of time is eye opening. The effort taken by Manchester football Training School in not only producing quality players but also molding good citizens should be appreciated and supported by everyone. “Pride of the place should be given to our obligation and not our feelings.”

Faiszer Musthapha(M.P)
President’s Counsel,
Minister of Provincial Councils & Local Governments.

The President

Today is a great day in the annual history Manchester soccer academy we are gathered at colombo race course ground, Manchester soccer academy 1st inter annual football festival and World’s children’s day 01 October 2017 as one Manchster Soccer academy family to facilitate, to honor To organize and reward the extraordinary , exceptional and excellent sport achievements of the Manchester soccer academy children it is indeed a momentous, mammoth and a omental occasion. The highest honor a Manchester soccer academy child could receive is being.

Let me take this opportunity to than Hon. Faiszar Musthafa(MP) a Sri Lank acclaimed minister and Manchester soccer academy advisor for gracing this occasion as a our guest this evening. Let me thank secretary Mancheser soccer academy M.A.M. Azwar for the inspirational leadership he provides for all coaching department and other working areas.

I sincerely thank Manchester soccer academy all coaches & academy members for your wonderful support. I sincerely thank our sponsors and all who helped in big or small way to make the Manchester soccer academy 1st inter annual football festival Be a memorable and an unforgettable experience.

God bless you
V. Augstin George. President
Manchester Soccer Academy – Sri Lanka